Click on the link to hear the audio file...

60st05272011k64.mp3 Spooky Talk radio show # 60
Airdate: 05-27-2011
Guests: Kristin Bauer 'Pam' from True Blood, Dee Wallace from E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Tony Todd from Candyman, George Cosana from Night Of The Living Dead, John Russo writer of Night Of The Living Dead, Ari Lehman from Friday The 13th, Dean Stockwell legendary actor, Felix Silla 'Cousin It' from The Addams Family TV series, Mike Lookinland 'Bobby' from The Brady Bunch, Susan Olson 'Cindy' from The Brady Bunch,
Callers, Contributers and interviews: Jim and the legend of Blood Road, Hope Drogmiller, Elvira, Mistress of the dark, Grisly Gus.

59st05202011k64.mp3 Spooky Talk radio show # 59
Airdate: 05-20-2011
Guests: Cindy Williams 'Shirley' from 'Laverne And Shirley'.
Callers, Contributers and interviews: Kid named Tony, Makenzie, Raving Lunatic from The Looney Bin Blog Talk Radio, Author Tom Sawyer, Tom Hoffman, Amy Boodin, Terry, Slasher Dave From Acid Witch, Del Bunch, Jessica And Bowling Alley Owner Was Crushed By Pin Machine, Elvira, Mistress of the dark, Grisly Gus.

58st05132011k64.mp3 Spooky Talk radio show # 58
Airdate: 05-13-2011
Guests: Channel 4's Meteorologist Paul Gross back for a third time.
Callers, Contributers and interviews: Chip from Ann Arbor Michigan dug Sir Graves Ghastly and The Ghoul, Guy wonders who listens to show, John Lockbalm got terrorized, Ash Nuvoe and the haunted house in Farmington Michigan, Steve from Royal Oak Michigan and sounds in basement, Paul Halterman and "be careful what you wish for", Paul Franco, Ken Kish from Ohio, Ashly had a spooky happening at The Harrison House, Zack from Evil Genius Entertainment from Ypsilanti, Chris from Westland Michigan and her haunted house, Mike Hartman and Dr. Valentine and Prof. M. Balmer, Ryan Thompson and Zombie Apocalypse: Redemption, Brandy Reinhart, Luna and The Michigan Dog-man, Elvira, Mistress of the dark, Grisly Gus.

57st05062011k64.mp3 Spooky Talk radio show # 57
Airdate: 05-06-2011
Guests: Harry Wetzyl from The Detroit Repertory Theatre talks about his old haunted house. He talks about Mr. Edison, the Bakery that is no more, and the house guest.
Callers, Contributers and interviews: Horror Artist extrordinair Ray Kukurka, Former Police Sargent, Monster Hippy, Keith Stickly of Dr. Screams Spook Show Revival and Haunted Detroit Tours, Author Anthony S. Thomas Norm and his Alien Scars, Harry Wetzyl, Elvira, Mistress of the dark, Grisly Gus.

56st04292011k64.mp3 Spooky Talk radio show # 56
Airdate: 04-29-2011
Guests: Kyle Gass from Tenacious D
Callers, Contributers and interviews: Kelly Loomis and the Haunted Trailer, Special Make-Up Effects artist Dana Voshen, John E.L. Tenny from A&E TV, Michatl Mahoney from Maniac films from Philidelphia, Dan and Alien, Adrian and Ouigi board, Swigz the Rapper has premonition, Horror Artist extrordinair Ray Kukurka, Randy Clark and clothes pulling dream, Filmaker Paul Bess and Unhappy Easter, Muscle Wolf Productions, Kathy and ghosts, Larry Taylor, Joey from Bellville, Andrew and ghosts in Key West, Elvira, Mistress of the dark, Grisly Gus.

55st04222011k64.mp3 Spooky Talk radio show # 55
Airdate: 04-22-2011
Guests: Pro Model Builder Steve Perry talks about Wolfman Jack. Wolfman Jack tribute.
Callers, Contributers and interviews: Talking one on one to Randy and the Monroe Monster, Kevin explores abandoned Ardmore Mental Hospital, Joe saw Aliens and had haunting experiences, Joleen from Clinton Twp saw weird thing, Brad with Count Scary impression, Canton Belanger, Peggy Lee and her blankets, Mike and haunted Roller Rink, Billy Zebubba, Sue had brush with 2 ghosts and wasn't smoking pot, Kevin and a shadowy figure, Elvira, Mistress of the dark, Grisly Gus.

54st04152011k64.mp3 Spooky Talk radio show # 54
Airdate: 04-15-2011
Guests: Pro Model Builder Steve Perry, Andrew and Stacey Kennedy from The Midwest Witches Ball, Penny Golden from Body Mind Spirit Guide Magazine.
Callers, Contributers and interviews: Elvira, Mistress of the dark, Grisly Gus.

53st04082011k64.mp3 Spooky Talk radio show # 53
Airdate: 04-08-2011
Guests: Randy Step from Martian Invasion of Races, George Charbeneau from the band Graveside Manor, Penny Golden from Body Mind Spirit Guide Magazine.
Callers, Contributers and interviews: Electric Otto, Kat from Main Art Theater, Nick Shill and Scotlands rival clans, Actor Brad Tidick from Zombie Apocalypse Movie, Dave Taylor, John Nixon from Ron Rose recording studios, Elvira, Mistress of the dark, Grisly Gus.

52st04012011k64.mp3 Spooky Talk radio show # 52
Airdate: 04-01-2011
Guests: 8 year old Brandon talks about Bloody Mary, Harry Wetzyl from The Detroit Repertory Theatre talks about Bloody Mary and Mac Beth.
Callers, Contributers and interviews: Ryan from Ohio, Wayne, Amanda, and Sarah from Ann Arbor, Scott from Troy, Fake Monroe Monster caller, Canton Belinger, Dr. Swave from Scary Monsters Magazine, Bob from Wyandotte, Chip Kipps and brother's spooky experience, Jim dreamed about Cyclops monster, Creepy Rick from the legendary Detroit band The 3D Invisibles and the elevator to the 13th floor, WCCW & WTCM DJ Rita Melotti and John F. Ivory seance, Elvira, Mistress of the dark, Grisly Gus.

51st03252011k64.mp3 Spooky Talk radio show # 51
Airdate: 03-25-2011
Guests: Andrew and Stacey Kennedy and The Midwest Witches Ball, Actor Wayne David Parker and ghostly experience, Harry Wetzel who lived in a haunted house.
Callers, Contributers and interviews: Erica, Troy with strange dream and sleep paralysis, Elvira, Mistress of the dark, Grisly Gus, The Ghoul.

50st03182011k64.mp3 Spooky Talk radio show # 50
Airdate: 03-18-2011
Guests: Kuno Matin Guisbert reporting a Devil Mass, Music group Graveside Manner members Ed and George.
Callers, Contributers and interviews: Canton Belenger and strange things falling from the sky, Joe DeDinato, Elvira, Mistress of the dark, Grisly Gus, The Ghoul.

49st03112011k64.mp3 Spooky Talk radio show # 49
Airdate: 03-11-2011
Guests: Channel 4's Meteorologist Paul Gross
Callers, Contributers and interviews: Moldy Mailbag featuring an old article about the Monroe Monster, Randy and The Monroe Monster, Elvira Mistress of the dark, Grisly Gus, The Ghoul.

48st03042011k48.mp3 Spooky Talk radio show # 48
Airdate: 03-04-2011
Guests: Dave Taylor from The Ded Dave TV show, Holly from The Fear Factory from 2010 airing for the first time.
Callers, Contributers and interviews: Moldy Mailbag, Singer Dennis Charles, Petrifying Poetry with The Reaper aka Thomas Futrel, Elvira Mistress of the dark, Grisly Gus, The Ghoul.

47st02252011k64.mp3 Spooky Talk radio show # 47
Airdate: 02-25-2011
Guests: Channel 4's Meteorologist Paul Gross
Callers, Contributers and interviews: Moldy Mailbag, Jamie Murphy and the Puritan ghost, Petrifying Poetry with Brian Ivey, Randy Stephenson and the spooky girlfriend, Morbid Melvin and Ded Dave, William Huston and the shattered Ouigi board, Randy and the Monroe Monster, Joeleen Corbin and Sir Graves question, Canton Belanger and weird trees, Elvira Mistress of the dark, Grisly Gus.

46st02182011k64.mp3 Spooky Talk radio show # 46
Airdate: 02-18-2011
Callers, Contributers and interviews: Petrifying Poetry with Brian Ivey, Spooky Talk Movie Review featuring The Little Shop Of Horrors, Moldy Mailbag with Sandi Oliverio, John Serra and a story about Leonardo Da Vinci, Caller and Ouigi board user sees figure in doorway, Caller Jacki has Demonic books, Fred Wilkins with a lump under his sheet, Ghost in Lighthouse photo, Ben and weird coincidence, Elvira Mistress of the dark, Grisly Gus.

45st02112011k64.mp3 Spooky Talk radio show # 45
Airdate: 02-11-2011
Guests: Larry Black the owner of Sinister haunted House and Glo Golf, Claudia Saliba, Jack Grushko, Rick Stevers from Frijid Pink, Tina Pratt and England's Halloween,
Callers, Contributers and interviews: Jackie from Royal and her Witchcraft and Demonology Encyclopedia, Elvira Mistress of the dark, Grisly Gus.

st44_0204201164kbit.mp3 Spooky Talk radio show # 44
Airdate: 02-04-2011
Guests: Author of the paranormal horror novel The Silence Barry Brickey, Wayne David Parker, actor from the locally filmed horror movie SCREAM 4, Randy Stephenson Recording studio owner and teller of spooky experiences, Canton Belinger and the phenominae of the image of an old lady somehow captured on her window pane.
Callers and interviews: Bill Romine tells of his haunted house, Paul Halterman

st43_0128201164kbit.mp3 Spooky Talk radio show # 43
Airdate: 01-28-2011
Guests: Astrologer Mike Krup, College Instructor Cuno Martin Guisbert, Producer/Director Mark Nowatarski and Zombie Apocalypse
Callers and interviews:

st42_0121201164kbit.mp3 Spooky Talk radio show # 42
Airdate: 01-21-2011
Guests: World famous psychic Annette Martin,
Callers and interviews: 6 year old Vivian's spooky dream, Charlie's second hand story, Goth clothes at Showtime clothing, Tina from England and Guy Fawkes night, DJ Scary Guy's Birthday at Detroit's Goth destination City Club, Pat of Screams Ice Cream in Hell Michigan tells story of the cemetary ghosts, Blythe Spirit at St. Dunstons theater @ Cranbrook, Lee Gunderson, Toilet flush, Judy Barrett and paranormal experience in a South Carolina, Prison, Elvira Mistress of the dark, Grisly Gus.

st41_0114201164kbit.mp3 Spooky Talk radio show # 41
Airdate: 01-14-2011
Guests: Canton Belinger and the tale of man swallowed by a whale,
Callers and interviews: Amanda Skull from Ann Arbor, Charlie and shadows, Leanna Hope and the scary 18th birthday party, Russ Fitzpatrick and cemetery grounds keeper, Dan of Showtime clothing meets a vampire and could care less, 6 year old Vivian recounts being locked in room by sister, Burger King Guy, Brad Smith and the camping trip, Karen Shotz of WPON, Tina from England and Stonehenge and The Tower of London, Randy and the Monroe Monster, Paul Halterman,
Content: Moldy Mailbag with Joe, Emily Spanos-Henz from St. Clair Shores sees woman in white dress, Paul Halterman, Christine saw spirit in kitchen in 1969, Elvira Mistress of the dark, Count Scary, The Ghoul

st40_0107201164kbit.mp3 Spooky Talk radio show # 40
Airdate: 01-07-2011
Guests: Bob Allison from radio program ASK YOUR NEIGHBOR, Tarot Card reader Susan Santer,
Callers and interviews: Elvira, Mistress of the dark, Grisly Gus


st39_1231201064kbit.mp3 Spooky Talk radio show # 39
Airdate: 12-31-2010
Guests: Elvira, Mistress of the dark Cassandra Peterson,
Callers and interviews: Creepy Clyde on The Ghoul's December 27th show of 2002, Suzy and the Florida ghost tour, Caller asks for podcast, Caller saw ghost in basement, Caller sez, "This show is incredibly stupid", Paul Halterman, Bill and Suzy and the eerie toys, A goblin lives in our house, Young Drake dreamed he saw a vampire, Dave and Goldie saw apparition, Young Vivian Gaskin, Suzy saw apparition at baby's bassinet.
Content: Happy New Year Clyde Brown singing "Auld Lang Syne".

st38_1224201064kbit.mp3 Spooky Talk radio show # 38
Airdate: 12-24-2010
Guests: Ghostly Ruins Author Harry Skerdla and the 'Camp Lady of the lake',
Callers and interviews: Randy (Peppy) calls about the Monroe Monster, Suzy and Bill and the Pumpkin plate, Jasmin and a man comes out of the closet, Erica, Caller asks for an actual scary tale, Katie Hatten from Flint and the Rocking chair that rocks by its self in Hurley Hospital in Flint, Andrew from Auburn Hills, Pat and Tom from Screams Ice Cream and the haunted house in Connecticut, Elvira, Mistress of the dark, Grisly Gus.
Content: Christmas Eve

st37_1217201064kbit.mp3 Spooky Talk radio show # 37
Airdate: 12-17-2010
Guests: Hypnotist Elain Kissle, Hypnotist Jill Grenevitch from Breakthrough Hypnothearapy.
Callers and interviews: Elvira, Mistress of the dark, Guy pees in Cemetery and gets bit by spider, Gary Kazick had Polterguise moment, Pat and Tom from Screams Ice Cream and the Dungeon in South Port Connecticut, Vocal Music teacher Shirley in Dearborn sings spooky song, Mindy and the shoe tree, Bob makes peace with spirit, Grisly Gus.

st36_1210201064kbit.mp3 Spooky Talk radio show # 36
Airdate: 12-10-2010
Guests:Intuitive Medium Carrie Carter, Tammy from Luck Devil Tattoos, Sir Graves Ghastley stage director John Talerico.
Callers and interviews:

st35_1205201064kbit.mp3 Spooky Talk radio show # 35
Airdate: 12-05-2010
Callers and interviews: Scary Guy's Birthday at City Club. Randy asking about the MONROE MONSTER. Guy sez parents don't want him to call, Kyle, Clive Davis, Joseph from Saline, Randy calling to thank for awareness about THE MONROE MONSTER, Steve from Romulus and noise from butt, Joseph Makowski and Grisly Gus impression, Dan Kay from Ann Arbor, Matt from Minneapolis, Allysa from Halloween Bazaar saw vision of her deceased sister, Mindy tells experience of creepy glowing purple light in cemetery, Author Scary Carrie Burns and her Zombie books, Goldi Page saw apparition of her father, Lisa stayed in a haunted hotel in Jerome Arizona, Sarah went to Forreser Tavern with Southeast Michigan paranormal society, Wally Wojohowski aka Proffesor Embalmer, Paul Halterman from Madison Heights and his spooky experiences.
Content: First show on AM 1160 WCXI. A portion of Edgar Allen Poe's THE RAVEN.

st34_1127201064kbit.mp3 Spooky Talk radio show # 34
Airdate: 11-27-2010
Guests: Mathew C. Herch Paranormal Investigater in Hamtramck and tale of the Werewolf hunt in Michigan. Psychic Asia from the Psychic reading room in Novi.
Callers and interviews: Paul Halterman from Madison Heights and his spooky experiences, Dan from Showtime clothing and his weird dream, Amanda Vileria tells about deceased family member in a white dress, Crowd chanting Spooky Talk, Cheryl at Miller's Big Red, Detroit Goth Club City Club Jennifer and Alexis ( Longest running Goth Club ) , Nick and Dave at Blues Airmen Guitars and a creepy cemetery experience, Carrie horrible man in black nightmare, Laura, Chris and Dianne and the Cemetery Nick Names Game, Larry Taylor sez son saw deceased relative, Zipper Neck tells a shared dream experience story, Shamera got out shower and deceased cousin's name was on mirror, Count Scary, Burger King guy and human bone collection, Paul Halterman, Grisly Gus.

st33_1120201064kbit.mp3 Spooky Talk radio show # 33
Airdate: 11-20-2010
Guests: Author Stuart Schnieder from New Jersey and Ghosts in the Cemetery,
Callers and interviews: Sean Hogan from Waterford MI, Elaina from Ohio and strange guy, Kat in Warren, Weird call from from Ann Arbor, Dan Tartarian from Showtime clothing, Robert from Cincinatti and guy with flaming eyes, Gino Caruso and Monster under bed, Weird call from Ann Arbor, Caller says it's the most ridiculous show ever seen, Ruth Anne searching for curse removal, Alyssa from Halloween Bazzar, Randy, Grisly chant,

st32_1113201064kbit.mp3 Spooky Talk radio show # 32
Airdate: 11-13-2010
Guests: Amy Williamson from The League of Extraordinary Women and Paranormal Radio, Chriten from Ann Arbor asking question,
Callers and interviews: Paul Halterman doesn't want Grisly Gus to leave the program, Caller says I need to work on the spooky part, Jen Rubleski from Grandville, Eddie Wilco Chad Bradford from Sterling Heights, Jeremy Dunn from Marshal MI, Jim from Howel MI and Cedar Point, Joe Calhoun from Clarkston MI, Garret Granger from Detroit area Motor City Macabre magazine, Marty Snarski from East China Township, Mathew from Milford, Ryan Wilcox from Marshall MI, Scott and Kathy from Inkster and the Green Glowing Pond, Shelby Trine from Marshal, Russ from Bay City, John from Ann Arbor, Monica from MI friend and Ouigi board, Spooky Sam, Randy, Paul Halterman.

st31_1106201064kbit.mp3 Spooky Talk radio show # 31
Airdate: 11-06-2010
Guests: Bill Cislo Actor at Deadly Intentions, Gundella The Witch
Callers and interviews: Kevin from Miland, Jessica, Zack, Tatlor, Shelby, Faadi, Francis, Jayla, Bree gonna be a notebook for Halloween, Crowd chants Spooky Talk, Paul Halterman, Jamal, Robert, Ethan, Cowboy Girl, Spell Corpse, Say Hi, Nicholas, Kelsey Meyer interviews Clyde with Brittney Meyer, Crowd says Hi, Mike from Halloween Bazzar, Scott from Inkster and Gundella aka Maryanne Kutzlow from Warren, Mark Seman and Eric with Ghost of chicken farmer who appears in mirror, Randy threatens to stop listening to show,

st30_1030201064kbit.mp3 Spooky Talk radio show # 30
Airdate: 10-30-2010
Guests: Daniel Flynn from McCurdy's Revenge Haunted attraction, Joh Marino Scarefest Scream Park Haunted attraction at 28 mile road and Gratiot, Leah going to be a witch for Halloween, Mary from Southgate, James from Dearborn, Christian from Dearborn, Madison and Mason in Hell MI,
Callers and interviews:
Content: Halloween Show, Man Eating Plant song,

st29_1023201064kbit.mp3 Spooky Talk radio show # 29
Airdate: 10-23-2010
Guests: Larry Beranski from The Detroit Institute of Arts, Joh Donovan creator of Theater Bizarre
Callers and interviews:

st28_1017201064kbit.mp3 Spooky Talk radio show # 28
Airdate: 10-17-2010
Callers and interviews: David Davidson, Ron Eagle from Panic at Pine Stump Hollow Haunted attraction, Jamie from The Ghostly Manor Thrill Center Haunted attraction, Ellen and Shocktober at The Penn Theater, Francis J. Sampier from Algonac and the legend of Morrow road, David Davidson, Tom Toth from Huron Turkey farm's Realm of Haunted Minds Haunted attraction.
Content: Special broadcast just for

st27_1016201064kbit.mp3 Spooky Talk radio show # 27
Airdate: 10-16-2010
Guests: Nicole from Krazy Hildas Barn of Doom Haunted attraction, John Roberts from Exit 13 Haunted attraction, Annette Heck from Heck of a Haunted Barn Haunted attraction,
Callers and interviews:

st26_1009201064kbit.mp3 Spooky Talk radio show # 26
Airdate: 10-09-2010
Guests: Roger from The Headless Horseman haunted attraction at the Pontiac riding stables, William Schultz from Salem's Haunted Barn Haunted attraction in Capac, Randy from The Boneyard Haunted Attraction in Stockbridge, Keith from The Tunnel Of Terror Haunted Attraction,
Callers and interviews: Deadly Intentions Crowd, Jack Johnson from Austria,

st25_1002201064kbit.mp3 Spooky Talk radio show # 25
Airdate: 10-02-2010
Guests: Mike Conners from Wiards Orchards and Night Terrors haunted attraction,
Callers and interviews:

st24_0925201064kbit.mp3 Spooky Talk radio show # 24
Airdate: 09-25-2010
Guests: Howard Erlich Slobber from Deadly Intentions, Sue from The Boston Tea Room, Pat from Hell, Andy from Troy talks about antiques, Jason Range and the dead ghost,
Callers and interviews:

st23_0918201064kbit.mp3 Spooky Talk radio show # 23
Airdate: 09-18-2010
Guests: Dean from The Terrified Forest and Manor, Bill Abraham from Haunted Hill Acres, Christy from Haunted Forest Hayride in Brighton, Raymond Miller from Miller's Big Red Haunted Hayride,
Callers and interviews: Bob Paulin, Howard Erlich Slobber from Deadly Intentions,

ST22_09_11_2010a.mp3 Spooky Talk radio show # 22
Airdate: 09-11-2010
Guests: Pete Blake from Blakes Big Apple Haunted Barn and hayride, Rob Sampier from Wicked woods of Benoit haunted attraction, Robin Enis Director of Public relations of Cedar Point,
Callers and interviews: Paul Halterman from Madison Heights, Canton Belinger, Kat and spooky text messages, Annette and Jim she saw Grandmother smile and reach upward before passing away out from a coma, Kim Halterman and the Ouigi board,

st21_09042010b.mp3 Spooky Talk radio show # 21
Airdate: 09-04-2010
Guests: Barry Peltz from Franklin Cider Mill, Pete from Niles Haunted House, House sitter hears noises from butt, M theory caller, Request to be on Spooky Talk, Paul Halterman from Madison Heights,
Callers and interviews:

st20_0828201064kbps.mp3 Spooky Talk radio show # 20
Airdate: 08-28-2010
Guests: Author Bella Donna Drakul,
Callers and interviews: Randy from Livonia and The Monroe Monster, Stephanie from Allen Park, Moe asks about the Lady In White, Chris Herrin from Melvindale and saw Lady In White at Newburg and Cherry Hill, Burger King Guy, Henry wants me to call him, Weird Great scream left by caller, Joe Caruso and haunted Pizza, Charles Herlick has sister with haunted car.

st19_0821201064kbps.mp3 Spooky Talk radio show # 19
Airdate: 08-21-2010
Guests: Mortician and Magician Kevin McCabe
Callers and interviews: Pat Deacon, Crazy Mark from Crazy, Mark TV, Kat's mother saw ghosts, Chad Koback from South Lyon visited by a ghost, Terry Stetler and daughter talking to ghost, Mike from Royal Oak saw winner before winning, Annonymus from Ypsilanti did paranormal investigating, Bernadet Rayus has male ghost in her bedroom, Jim from Howell investigates the paranormal has experience near Cedar Pointe,

st18_0814201064k.mp3 Spooky Talk radio show # 18
Airdate: 08-14-2010
Guests: Dennis Cox recalls asking mother Mary Louise for Ouigi board, Joel Risberg FX Studio and worked with Horror Movie Host Sir Graves Ghastly,
Callers and interviews: Randy called about the Monroe Monster, Shay and Ghost dog, Randy calls again, Tim at Wunderground Magic West, Issac from Rochester Hills, Skip and heard ghost, Rob Kay from Brighton, Scott from Inkster saw UFOs, Wade Clark from Charlotte and haunted toilet, Leah at 5 years old experienced a Demon,

st17_0807201064k.mp3 Spooky Talk radio show # 17
Airdate: 08-07-2010
Guests: Mortician Kevin McCabe lived in funeral home,,
Callers and interviews: Scott from Inkster and Loonie Roonies, Heather Conner and the Ghost dogs, Kevin Ramsdell tells tale of ghost, Leah and sleep paralysis, Matt from Milford heard deceased Grandmother, Monica and Ouigi board, Psychic, Astrologer and Numerologist Richard Milostan, The Ghost that loved Captain Morgan, Maryanne Linsdell and The Ghost that loved the TV series The Bachelorette, Solid Grounds in Northville offering Palm Reading, David Davidson, Heather Conner from Plymouth

st16_0800201064.mp3 Spooky Talk radio show # 16
Airdate: 07-31-2010
Guests: Licensed Mortician Steve Sajewski, Green Brain Comics,
Callers and interviews: Darren Coleman sleep overs, Alison from Rochester Hills likes show, Pastor Bobby Taylor 85 years old likes show and it reminds him of The Inner Sanctum radio show, Bob from Detroit, Lars Splanker from Mississippi, Chris Kunute from Pennsylvania, Jeff from Garden City and Denton Road, Robert from Auburn Hills,
Content: First show on AM 1310 WDTW

st15_0728201064k.mp3 Spooky Talk radio show # 15
Airdate: 07-28-2010
Guests: Terry Stetler and the ghost called Pumpkin,
Callers and interviews: Joe Caruso and the ghost that was made fun of, Jim and Annette and the strange feeling in the cottage, Robert from Cincinatti and Devil's church area, Tony Miello and Grandfather dream, George Schultz from Ypsilanti, Ron deVore from the band Horse Cave Trio,
Content: Last show on AM 1460 WPON

st14_07212010b.mp3 Spooky Talk radio show # 14
Airdate: 07-21-2010
Guests: World renowned psychic Annette Martin, Michael Marcus from SMACC event, Calls from Burger King Guy,
Callers and interviews:
Content:1 year Anniversary

st13_07142010b.mp3 Spooky Talk radio show # 13
Airdate: 07-14-2010
Guests: Horror Movie Host Count Scary aka Detroit radio legend Tom Ryan, Amy Williamson and Bigfoot talk,
Callers and interviews: Kitty aka Angela Moore and Sean Moore from Cybertriibe, James Bankert and UFO talk, Kat and Bigfoot aka Mountain Man, Annonymus caller and OOoooo, Kurtis Sullivan from The Vault Of Midnight comic book store, Ryan Brown announcing,

st12_07072010b.mp3 Spooky Talk radio show # 12
Airdate: 07-07-2010
Guests: Detroit radio legend Tom Ryan aka Horror Movie Host Count Scary,
Callers and interviews:

st11_06302010b.mp3 Spooky Talk radio show # 11
Airdate: 06-30-2010
Guests: Karma Coffee shop, Kimberly of Bloodline Tattoos, Chocolate covered ants, worms and bugs at Doc Sweets Candy shop,
Callers and interviews: Tiffany from New Orleans and the story of the Ghost with the bloody finger, New segment The Spooky Talk Joke with Grisly Gus, Shadow the Canibal, Codane Pumpkin Seed, Grandma's Castle, Jim from Livonia and Morgus The Magnificent Sid Noel, Michael from Taylor, Crazy Cal, Matt Kroll, Ryals from Oak Park MI, Tony from Pittsfield Township and haunted toilet, Joe with Skeleton joke,

st10_06232010.mp3 Spooky Talk radio show # 10
Airdate: 06-23-2010
Guests: Josh Becker from Evil Dead Films, Pistol Pete from Twistin' Tarantulas,
Callers and interviews: MaGoo, Peter from Farmington Hills talks about Eloise, Chris from Ypsi wants movie review back, Jason Williams from Ypsilanti makes chicken salad sandwich, Justin Foster makes chicken salad sandwich, Guy from Ypsilanti makes an egg salad sandwich, Guys from Ypsilanti, Tom and UFO experience, Terry's friend Claudia lived in farmhouse and had bibles, Dr. Swave and Ouigi board, Bob Bennet and intense experiences, Leah and weird experiences,

st09_06162010.mp3 Spooky Talk radio show # 09
Airdate: 06-16-2010
Guests: Licensed Mortician Steve Sajewski, Dave Ivey from The Ghoul Show and Nightmare Sinema, Janice McNeil from the Redford Theater,
Callers and interviews: Adam Showers at haunted prison, Terry Stetler talking about the old Eloise State Mental Hospital, Count Acula, Tony has ghosts, Norm Galnaugh and Henry Ford's ghost,

st08_06092010.mp3 Spooky Talk radio show # 08
Airdate: 06-09-2010
Guests: Walter from Wayne brought back from the dead 3 times, Wendy Pipenberg Psychic Medium, Art from Pontiac and possible reincarnation of deceased friend in the form of a sandpiper bird, Melinda Clynes from Detroit Wig Out, Janice McNeil from Redford Theater, Claudia Ivey and ghost girl, Mike Sullivan, Glen from Warren, 7 foot Titan Brad, Mallory from Allen Park and the haunted Ice Cream Shop, Caller dislikes video of cemetery, Ken from Farmington,
Callers and interviews:

st07_06022010.mp3 Spooky Talk radio show # 07
Airdate: 06-02-2010
Guests: Wendy Pipenburg Psychic Medium, Creepy Rick from the 3D Invisibles, Amy Williamson paranormal investigater,
Callers and interviews: Justin Foster, Jane Fader from Ferndale, Ben Rodrigez and Gundella The Witch, Claudia Ivey, Danny from Toledo saw ghost of Father, Wreckless Rackles, Tim Collins saw orbs indicating grandson's ghost, Chris a Mortician from Chessening climbed in coffin as a kid, Jim from Livonia and haunted Denton Road lights,

st06_05262010.mp3 Spooky Talk radio show # 06
Airdate: 05-26-2010
Guests: Amy Williamson paranormal investigater, Wolfman, Rhonda from The Boston Tea Room, Tim Miller from Wunderground Magic West in Garden City MI, Stephanie McKee heard her name, Scott from Inkster see glowing lights following in 1970, Leah from St. Clair Shores, Happy Birthday wishes to Jennie Brown.
Callers and interviews:

st05_05192010.mp3 Spooky Talk radio show # 05
Airdate: 05-19-2010
Guests: Steve Sajewski licensed mortician, Ray Fraser of Mystiques west Psychic Reading store and Graveyard Ink tattoo shop, Amy Williamson paranormal investigater,
Callers and interviews: Matt Kroll from Brighton Michigan, Dotty of Farmington Hills and ghost of Mother, Steve Plato with Celebrity Death Of The Day App, Wolfman, Wreckless Rackles Grandfather's ghost visited her, Mike Hartman directer of Heavy Mental, Leah sees a demol dog, Mike from Livonia, Caller asks Mom for permission to leave message,

st04_05122010.mp3 Spooky Talk radio show # 04
Airdate: 05-12-2010
Guests: Tom Sullivan special make up effects for Evil Dead, Amy Williamson paranormal investigater, Wolfman, Professor Ronald Stockton Graveyards Gravestones And Images Of Death lecture series, Penny Dreadful congratulates new radio show,
Callers and interviews: Shelly from Allen Park and creaky house, Sarah from Allen Park and rearranged storage room, Odd from Mad World Radio, Jason, Ray Bambino from New Jersey, Sheila from Melvindale heard and saw a ghost from Veterans Hospital,

st03_05052010.mp3 Spooky Talk radio show # 03
Airdate: 05-05-2010
Guests: Ron Tavernet from WOMC tells the tale of Knock Knock Street,
Callers and interviews:

st02_04282010.mp3 Spooky Talk radio show # 02
Airdate: 04-28-2010
Guests: Eloise
Callers and interviews: Wolfman

st01_04212010.mp3 Spooky Talk radio show # 01
Airdate: 04-21-2010
Guests: Danielle Gelehrter from Haunted New England,
Callers and interviews: Ken from Warren who gets premonitions, Dorothy from Ypsilanti enjoys Spooky Talk Movie Review, George from Ypsilanti MI and ghostly happenings, Aliens seen?, Robert from Auburn Hills, Tony from Pittsfield Township and strange cat, Odd from Mad World Radio with Billy Zebubba, Big Mike Murphy from Cinema Wasteland, Cindy Marie Martin with Hussy Of Horror, Wolfman, Morbid Melvin ordering a pizza,
Content: First radio show

Elvira, Mistress of the dark can now be heard on every show! Catch her show in the Detroit area on "This" TV, channel 4.2 Sundays at 5 am and 11 pm. Comcast channel 294 in the Detroit area.


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Spooky Talk The Best Of 2010. A 2 compact disc set, 8 Parts, approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes of Spooky Talk's second year. Available now for 8 dollars. Plus 5 dollars for shipping and handling. Send Money order to Burke Video, 2877 Daley,Troy MI 48083-1940.

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Spooky Talk The Best Of 2009. A 2 compact disc set, 4 Parts, approximately 2 hours of Spooky Talk's first year. Available now for 5 dollars. Plus 5 dollars for shipping and handling. Send Money order to Burke Video, 2877 Daley,Troy MI 48083-1940.

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Some Gruesome Guests:

Elvira, Mistress Of The Dark.

Cindy Williams, 'Shirley' from the 'Laverne And Shirley' TV show.

Dean Stockwell, Popular Movie And TV Actor.

Kristin Bauer 'Pam' from HBO's True Blood.

John Russo, writer of 'Night Of The Living Dead'.

Dee Wallace, The Mom from 'ET', Popular Movie Actor.

Felix Silla, 'Cousin It' from The Addams family.

Susan Olson 'Cindy' from The Brady Bunch'.

Mike Lookinland 'Bobby' from The Brady Bunch'.

Paul Gross, NBC TV Meteorologist in Detroit.

Tom Ryan, WOMC FM 104.3 DJ aka Count Scary.

Annette Martin, World renowned Psychic.

Bob Allison, host of Ask Your Neighbor.

Ron Tavernet from WOMC FM 104.3 radio.

Horror Movie Host The Ghoul.

The Detroit Institute of Arts Director of public programs Larry Beranski.


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